Negotiating Beauty : Local Readings of Global Cultural Flows

in Latin American Advances in Consumer Research Volume 2

Rokka, Joonas ; Desavelle, Hanna-Kaisa ; Mikkonen, Ilona

Acevedo, Claudia R.. Directeur de publication ; Hernandez, Jose Mauro C.. Directeur de publication ; Lowrey, Tina M.. Directeur de publication

Association for consumer research 2008 - 84-89 p.

Basing on cultural consumer studies, this paper focuses on tension between global mass-mediated consumer culture(s) and localized meaning making. The common discourse of globalization as global unicity is problematized with a study indicating that local historical and socio-cultural context is used as a resource in consumer sense making of global cultural flows. Speficially, the empirical research looks into how local readings of beauty are formed in Nordic (Finnish) context. Despite of ... acculturation into global consumer culture, local symbolic and mythical resources, such as the Finnish ideal of naturalness, were utilized in making sense of international advertising images.

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