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Brothers in Paint : Practice-Oriented Inquiry Into a Tribal Marketplace Culture

in Advances in Consumer Research Volume 37

par Rokka, Joonas ; Hietanen, Joel ; DE VALCK, Kristine

Campbell, Margaret C.. Directeur de publication ; Inman, Jeff. Directeur de publication ; Pieters, Rik. Directeur de publication

Édité par Association for consumer research 2010 - 734-734 p. - En anglais


The objective of this videography is to explore what opportunities and challenges the emerging practice-oriented approach opens up for conceptualizing tribal consumer culture and marketplace dynamics. Drawing on Schatzki’s theorization of the ‘site of the social’, tribal marketplace culture and change are examined based on findings from a multi-sited ethnography of consumer tribes gathered around the extreme sport of paintball. In doing so, the tribal marketplace culture is conceptualized via constantly evolving nexus of practices and material arrangements; a specific context of human and non-human co-existence where, and apart of which, social life and the marketplace inherently transpires.

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