Mi Swing Es Tropical - But Not My Consumers : Economic Realism and Cultural Contradictions in Latin American Marketing of Apple's i-Conic Products

in Latin American Advances in Consumer Research Volume 2

Dholakia, Nikhilesh ; Cabusas, Julianne Joy ; Rokka, Joonas ; Arruda-Filho, Emílio J.M.

Acevedo, Claudia R.. Directeur de publication ; Hernandez, Jose Mauro C.. Directeur de publication ; Lowrey, Tina M.. Directeur de publication

Association for consumer research 2008 - 145-146 p.

In this age of globalized media and densely connected ethnoscapes of USA and Latin America, consumers from Latin America are well aware of the features and iconic prominence of Apple's electronics products. Their access to such products, however, is extremely limited due to macro-level or firm-level economic, regulatory and strategic factors. The constricted flows of Apple's i-Conic products to Latin America juxtaposed with unrestricted and appropriated flows of cultural capital elements from ... these countries create feelings of neglect and resentment across the large range of Latin American consumers. This paper is driven by the following questions: What are the international cultural consequences of the perceived neglect of the Latin American market by Apple, and how can these be explained in terms of frameworks for unfolding globalization? [...]

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