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Transforming from Materials Provider to Project Marketer in the International Construction Industry

Pöntiskoski, Erik ; Hietanen, Joel ; Aspara, Jaakko ; Rokka, Joonas ; Westerlund, Mika ; Parvinen, Petri ; Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference. Sydney, Australia, December 1-3, 2008

anzmac, Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy 2008

Growing academic literatures of project marketing study the business of selling projects integrating product and service components. This study contributes to the research stream from a transformation perspective, which has received little attention so far. The challenges of transformation from materials provider to project marketer are analysed through a case study of an international construction firm. The first challenge lies in coordinating two different business models: (a) increasing the ... share of solution projects, yet (b) continuing to sell of simpler products to support profitability. The second challenge exists in spreading the solution business model across geographical market areas with different milieu. We discover following barriers to spreading and sustaining the new business model: internal communication & incentives, project development & competencies, and milieu.

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