Venture Capital, Angel Financing, and Crowdfunding of Entrepreneurial Ventures : A Literature Review

in Foundations and Trends® in Entrepreneurship, 14 (1)

Wallmeroth, Johannes ; Wirtz, Peter ; Groh, Alexander (19..-....)

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Venture capital, angel financing, and crowdfunding have evolved and matured in the entrepreneurial finance market. These market developments have also been accompanied by a growing body of research. In this monograph, we provide an overview of a vast body of literature in the field of entrepreneurial equity finance, presenting the current state of research and succinctly identifying its subcategories. We also provide insight into major research trends and research gaps and examine the growing ... research field of cognition in entrepreneurial equity finance. Our review is structured using a theoretical framework that aims to link venture capital, angels, and crowdfunding whilst considering the significant differences exhibited between each investment stage.

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