The videographic approach in marketing research : Which methodological protocol?

in Recherche et Applications en Marketing - English Edition, 33 (3)

Cléret, Baptiste ; Dehling, Aurélie ; Leroy, Julie ; Rokka, Joonas ; Sohier, Alice ; Herbert, Maud

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This article proposes a protocol for the videographic method in marketing research. Its aim is to develop the toolbox available to researchers by outlining how academic videography can be used and by identifying the challenges and opportunities inherent in such an approach. Providing researchers with a concrete guide in this way is also a response to the calls for more widespread use of this method in the academic community. The article presents both the application and an evaluation of the ... videographic method through four successive phases: pre-production, production, post-production and dissemination. This protocol is based on an analysis of the origins of videographic research – primarily North American. This is complemented by an analysis of the corpus of French-language productions presented at national and international conferences, with the aim of providing a broad and non-ethnocentric vision so as to specify the methodological process and the various choices involved, thereby contributing to the development of creative and innovative studies.

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