Why do users resist service organization’s brand mobile apps? : The force of barriers versus cross-channel synergy

in International Journal of Information Management, 47

Chen, Qian ; Lu, Yaobin ; Gong, Yeming (1976-....) ; Tang, Qing

Voir la revue «International Journal of Information Management»

Service organizations increasingly develop brand apps (mobile applications) to expand service channels to the mobile end. Attracting their customers to install the brand app is critical. But there is widespread resistance to brand apps. This resistance can be classified as postponement, opposition and rejection. This study explores consumers’ active resistance of brand app in service organization. We examine the effects of adoption barriers and knowledge of alternatives quality on the three ... resistance behaviors and moderating effects of satisfaction with off-line service. The results show three resistance behaviors are affected by different reasons, and cross-channel synergy exists. Our study extends the theoretical understanding of the antecedents of and cross-channel influences on resistance to brand apps, with practical implications that managers should adopt different strategies for postponers, opponents and rejecters.

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