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Regaining Autonomy in Post-Acquisition: Resource Orchestration and Identity Resurgence at Automobili Lamborghini

in SMS, Strategic Management Society Annual Conference 38, Paris, September 22-25, 2018

Dattée, Brice (1977-...) ; Barbieri, Paolo ; Arregle, Jean-Luc (19..-....) ; Lawton, Thomas ; Angwin, Duncan ; SMS, Strategic Management Society Annual Conference (Strategies in the Era of De-Globalization). 38, Paris, September 22-25, 2018

SMS, Strategic Management Society 2018

Prior research on acquisition implementation has emphasized the challenge of balancing integration and autonomy. However, recent work has also emphasized the need to better distinguish integration and autonomy as two distinct dimensions of post-acquisition implementation. Moreover, there have been repeated calls to better understand what is really going on during the post-acquisition implementation process, contingent on the type of post-acquisition mode. Based on a qualitative case study of ... the integration of Automobili Lamborghini in the Audi VW group over an 18-year period (1999-2017), we develop a process model which theorizes the recursive dynamics between integration efforts, resource orchestration, organizational identity, and the regaining of autonomy of an acquired distressed company. By regaining autonomy, an acquired firm can renew its resources and capabilities and escape amalgamation.

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