“You Won’t Tell That You Have Schizophrenia, Right? You Should Say You Have a Small Depression” : Organizational Narratives of “Adjusted” Workers with Disabilities and the Rhetoric of Reassurance in France

in New Narratives of Disability: Constructions, Clashes, and Controversies

Buchter, Lisa (19..-....)

Green, Sara E.. Directeur de publication ; Loseke, Donileen R.. Directeur de publication

Emerald 2019 - Ref. 10.1108/S1479-354720190000011011 - 93-105 p.

This chapter highlights the ways in which the cultural narratives surrounding disabled identities, workers’ identities, and the French cultural ideology of “indifference to differences” were translated into specific recruitment advice on the job market, as well as into organizational changes that favored the creation of a disability-friendly buffer zone in corporations: the activist disability manager. The chapter also shows how widely circulating cultural narratives shape, and are shaped by, ... organizational policies and procedures that can in turn shape personal experiences in the workforce.

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