Internal mechanism of brand app recommendation from the integrated cross-channel perspective : Evidence from the airline industry

in Information Technology & People, 33 (4)

Chen, Qian ; Lu, Yaobin ; Gong, Yeming (1976-....)

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Purpose – Many service organizations use brand apps as an important mobile-end service channel and expect to increase brand app use through customer recommendations. The purpose of this paper is to explore the internal mechanism of brand app recommendation from the cross-channel perspective. Design/methodology/approach – Based on value–satisfaction–loyalty (VSL) framework, this study examines how brand app’s unique cross-channel features influence customer recommendations, and the effect of ... involvement in the framework. The authors conduct a research survey in airline industry and questionnaires are developed and distributed to respondents who have experiences with air travel and have used the corresponding airlines’ brand apps. Finally, the authors collect 399 valid questionnaires to test the research model. Findings – The results show that brand app usability mediates the relationship between offline service satisfaction and brand app satisfaction, which finally leads to brand app recommendation. Brand app usability and satisfaction significantly affect involvement, which also lead to brand app recommendation. Originality/value – This study distinguishes the features of brand apps from those of ordinary apps and fills the research gap in the internal mechanism of app recommendation from the integrated cross-channel perspective. Besides, this study extends the VSL value in the context of brand app use. Based on the results, this study also provides the practical suggestions of enhancing offline service quality and brand app usability to increase brand app recommendation.

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