Chapitre d'ouvrage

System Dynamics Methodology and Research : Opportunities for Transitions Research

in Modelling Transitions: Virtues, Vices, Visions of the Future

par Papachristos, George ; Struben, Jeroen

Moallemi, Enayat A.. Directeur de publication ; de Haan, Fjalar J.. Directeur de publication

Édité par Routledge 2019 - 119-138 p. - En anglais

ISBN : 978-0-367-17406-4


Transitions research is a new, multi-disciplinary field studying large-scale societal changes, including those towards sustainability. In this chapter we argue that system dynamics methodology and research offer opportunities for transitions research because of (1) its focus on understanding dynamic interactions of actors across realms, (2) its strengths in identifying high-leverage interventions for socio-technical system change and (3) its large body of transition-, management- and sustainability-related work. We discuss specific system dynamics practices and exemplary system dynamics work to show how system dynamics can enrich transitions research. We discuss future opportunities for applying system dynamics approaches to transitions problems.

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