Robotic mobile fulfilment systems considering customer classes

in International Journal of Production Research, 59 (16)

Gong, Yeming (1976-....) ; Jin, Mingzhou ; Yuan, Zhe

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This paper studies a Robotic Mobile Fulfilment System (RMFS), featured by a number of robots lifting and transporting movables storage shelves from storage grids to order pickers. In such systems, online retailers often classify their customers by two major classes ‘expedited shipping’ and ‘standard shipping’. We build high-dimension Markov models to describe this system with customer classes, calculate the throughput of this system given the number of robots and provide design rules to ... determine the optimal number of robots and their capacities considering the trade-off between capacities of picker stations and robots. We verify the analytic results of Markov models with simulations. We further consider multiple-picker RMFS and study its optimal design.

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