Data-driven decision and analytics of collection and delivery point location problems for online retailers

in Omega, 100

Xu, Xianhao ; Shen, Yaohan ; Chen, Wanying (Amanda) ; Gong, Yeming (1976-....) ; Wang, Hongwei

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The location of collection and delivery points (CDPs), impacted by online customers’ demand data, plays an important role for online retailers. While previous delivery points optimization researches do not use customer behavior data, we propose new models, integrating with customer behavior data analysis, to optimize collection and delivery points for online retailers. We explore a real customer behavior data and use totally 257,685 users’ records (212,062 records for training set and 45,623 ... records test set). We first estimate the customer purchase probability by five data mining models. Based on the estimation results, we establish two facility location models to respectively optimize the attended and unattended CDPs locations with the objective of cost minimization. Our numerical experiments make a quantitative analysis of customer service level and location cost. Our results can further help online retailers to decide the suitable CDPs with trading off the consumer service level and the total logistics cost. We make interesting contributions: (i) we analyze real customer behavior data and find that gradient boosting trees algorithm outperform other four algorithms when estimating customers’ purchase probabilities; (ii) We propose a new data-driven method integrating data mining models and facility location models to determine CDP locations for online retailers.

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