Pioneering management buy-out and entrepreneurial finance research : Mike Wright’s research legacy

in Small Business Economics, FORTH

Sannajust, Aurélie ; Groh, Alexander (19..-....)

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This paper reviews Professor Mike Wright’s contributions to the management buy-out and entrepreneurial finance literature. It documents the development and variety of his academic work over time. We begin by describing Mike’s research impact, before analyzing his bibliometric records and providing definitions of his favorite research topics. We then discuss his individual papers starting with the emergence of buy-outs, agency costs, and corporate governance issues. After this, we move to ... internationalization, boom and bust, Mike’s acknowledgement of the arrival of active investors, emerging markets, deal structuring, syndication, new venture finance, financial and economic performance, and recent developments. We document the legacy of an abundant scholar and, thanks to his outstanding academic impact, provide guidance through the evolution of management buy-out and entrepreneurial finance research since its inception.

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