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Impact of the EGALIM law on individual and collective competencies in school catering in France : the case of two kitchens, SYREC and SIRESCO

in 5th Global Tourism & Hospitality Conference, Hong Kong, June 12-14, 2022

Karam, Joseph ; Bachelard, Olivier (19..-....) ; Global Tourism & Hospitality Conference. 5th, Hong Kong, June 12-14, 2022

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2022 - 33 p.

The EGALIM law, which was voted in France in 2018, contains many provisions and obstacles for collective school catering. Our research aims to understand how despite all these constraints and obstacles, managers in collective school catering can implement these changes while considering the difficulties related to a shortage of employees, a career is not attractive to the young generation, the economic crisis, and especially a law that imposes changes, a law that was voted before the various ... economic and societal crises (Covid, war in Ukraine, unemployment, labor shortage). The rise in individual and collective competencies, the interaction between different actors to find solutions for obstacles caused by the Egalim Law, how did it influence the well-being of employees and how could it find bring solutions for the economic crises and especially the fluctuation in prices due to Ukraine crises, the shortage in supplies and the rise of demands of BIO products.

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