Space for seduction : the redefining of auction houses’ role in the art market

in Consumption Markets & Culture, FORTH

De Molli, Federica ; Vecco, Marilena ; Pizzetti, Marta

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Technological and socio-economic changes have forced organizations in the art sector to redefine their function in the market, to strengthen their relationships with consumers and to appeal to a more heterogeneous consumer audience. The physical space of art organizations constitutes a major tool for them to attract and communicate with customers. Based on a multiple case studies approach, this article explores how art auction houses have rearranged their physical space in order to create an ... intended customer experience based on seduction. Our study contributes to Consumer Culture Theory research by illustrating how both the tangible and intangible features of the spatial setting are orchestrated by managers to facilitate an intended consumer experience. Space is organized in such a way that a heterogeneous customer base can co-participate in the game of seduction, and the artwork maintains its role as a catalyst of the experience.

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