The heart of business : leadership principles for the next era of capitalism

Joly, Hubert (1959-....). Auteur

Lambert, Caroline (1974-....). Auteur

Harvard Business Review Press 2021 - 1 vol. (XI-266 p.)

Introduction. The Meaning of Work. Adam's curse ; Why we work ; The problem with perfection. The Purposeful Human Organization. The tyranny of shareholder value ; The business of building cathedrals ; Putting a noble purpose to work ; How to turn around a business without everyone hating you. Unleashing Human Magic. Moving past carrots and sticks ; First ingredient: connecting dreams ; Second ingredient: developing human connections ; Third ingredient: fostering autonomy ; Fourth ingredient: ... achieving mastery ; Fifth ingredient: putting the wind at your back. The Case for Purposeful Leadership. How we lead matters ; The purposeful leader. Conclusion: A call for action. Lire la suite

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