A comprehensive analysis of the Newsvendor model with unreliable supply

in OR Spectrum, 29(2)

ISSN : 0171-6468

par Rekik, Yacine (1978-) ; Sahin, Evren ; Dallery, Yves

2007 - 27 | En anglais

A single-period, uncertain demand inventory model is analyzed under the assumption that the quantity ordered (produced) is a random variable. We first conduct a comprehensive analysis of the well known single period production/inventory model with random yield. Then, we extend some of the results existing in literature: our main contribution is to show that earlier results are only valid for a certain range of system parameters. Under the hypothesis that demand and the error in the quantity received from supplier are uniformly distributed, closed-form analytical solutions are obtained for all values of parameters. An analysis under normally distributed demand and error is also provided. The paper ends with an analysis of the benefit achieved by eliminating errors.

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