Business case scenarios for the impact of RFID on the end-to-end supply chain

in International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management, 21 (3/4)

ISSN : 1368-2148

par Rekik, Yacine (1978-)

2010 - 239-253 P. | En anglais

The paper provides a set of main business case scenarios for deploying a basic RFID infrastructure as our methodology is not specific to particular organisations and as a consequence provides direct benefit to the wider community. To achieve the aim of this study, we assess the overall business case for the deployment of RFID technology across the whole end-to-end supply chain and we develop a phased roll-out approach towards the seamless deployment of RFID in all business areas. The motivation behind such overview approach is the fact that such approach provides a practical method to calculate the business case. In fact, through a combination of three RFID benefit levels and four RFID integration levels, we propose the main scenarios associated with the RFID deployment. In addition, based on current market surveys, we propose main costs associated with such deployment.

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