The Gloomy side of projects: when working on a project jeopardizes individuals and groups

in Gérer et Comprendre, 100

ISSN : 0295-4397

par Asquin, Alain ; Garel, Gilles ; Picq, Thierry (1963-....)

2010 - 25-36 P. | En anglais

In writings on management, projects represent the myth of fortune smiling… Invest in your job! Find self-fulfillment through involvement in the project! But does a project not also destroy meaning, destabilize personnel and convey the germs of new pathologies? In companies, projects are machines for making requirements and judging people. No doubt, there is a gloomy side to projects, as shown by this analysis of verbatim accounts from participants in projects and a review of the scant managerial writings on this topic. For working conditions to worsen in direct proportion to an increase in the stimulation to outdo oneself through involvement in a company project, something must have gone awry in the realm of human resources — at the very heart of capitalism.

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