Partner Selection in Emerging and Developed Market Contexts : Resource-Based and Organizational Learning Perspectives

in Academy of Management Journal, 43 (3)

ISSN : 0001-4273

Hitt, Michael A. ; Dacin, Tina ; Levitas, Edward ; Arregle, Jean-Luc (19..-....) ; Borza, Anca

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This study of the international partner selection of firms from emerging (Mexico, Poland, and Romania) and developed (Canada, France, and the United States) markets supports resource-based and organizational learning explanations of such partner selection, a critical factor for success with international strategic alliances. Emerging market firms emphasized financial assets, technical capabilities, intangible assets, and willingness to share expertise in selection of partners more than ... developed market firms. In contrast, developed market firms tried to leverage their resources through partner selection. In particular, they emphasized unique competencies and local market knowledge and access in their partner selection more than emerging market firms.

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