Les modèles de sélection des partenaires dans le cadre d'une alliance internationale : perspectives de France et d'Europe centrale

in Management International, 7 (2)

ISSN : 1206-1697

Arregle, Jean-Luc (19..-....) ; Dacin, Tina ; Hitt, Michael A. ; Borza, Anca

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There is a certain deception regarding the results of international alliances that necessitates research on the development of these alliances. In the same way, one of the critical phases, the selection of partners, needs to be studied more amply. The purpose of this article is to present the results of a study on the evaluation of allies of French managers and two CEE countries (Poland and Romania). The results show the criteria of evaluation, their relative importance, and their variations ... according to country. The results confirm explanations of the selection of allies according to institutional framework, the approach based on resources and organizational learning. This research has important consequences for theory and managerial practice in international alliances, because it provides a precise analysis of the criteria of evaluation as well as their differences for these countries.

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