Communication de conférence

Women and Men Entrepreneurs' Social Networks and New Venture Success Across Cultures

in Academy of Management 69th Annual Meeting, Chicago, August 7-11, 2009

Batjargal, Bat ; Hitt, Michael A. ; Webb, Justin W. ; Arregle, Jean-Luc (19..-....) ; Miller, Toyah L. ; AOM, Academy of Management Annual Meeting. 69, Chicago, 7-11 August 2009

2009 - 6 P.

Do gender and national cultures matter in the relationship between entrepreneurs’ networks and new venture performance? This question was examined with data from 637 entrepreneurs (278 female and 358 male) across four countries (China, France, Russia, and United States) that vary on social relationship orientation. We hypothesized that a network effect on new venture performance is contingent upon gender and culture. The results showed that the positive effect of network size on the revenue ... growth of new ventures is stronger for maleowned than female-owned ventures, and stronger in high (China, Russia) versus low relationship-oriented (France, United States) cultures.

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