Portfolio of supplier-customer relationships

in Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing , 9

Salle, Robert (19..-....) ; Cova, Bernard ; Pardo, Catherine (19..-....)

Woodside, Arch G.. Directeur de publication

JAI Press 2000 - 419-442 P.

The main body of research on industrial marketing over the last 20 years has concentrated on giving a relational framework to an activity which had previously been understood to be essentially transactional . Therefore, the management of business relationships is today considered as a critical task on which a company's very existence depends . Consequently, allotting limited company resources between several relationships has become a major task for marketers who must decide how to divide and ... allot time and money for customers and prospective customers . In this renewed context, the portfolio concept for supplier-customer relationships are of a continuous nature and when the boundaries of the customer are easy to delimit . In order to widen the scope of their relevance, we propose to re-embed the supplier-customer relationship into the network of business actors that influences it and to be very careful in defining who is the customer .

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