Clickstream Big Data and "Delivery before Order Making" Mode for Online Retailers

in Progress in Material Handling Research: 2014

Gong, Yeming (1976-....) ; Xu, Haoxuan ; Zhang, Jinlong

SMITH, Jeff. Directeur de publication ; ELLIS, Kimberly. Directeur de publication ; de Koster, René . Directeur de publication ; LAVENDER, Steve. Directeur de publication ; MONTREUIL, Benoit. Directeur de publication ; OGLE, Mike. Directeur de publication

MHI 2014 - 11 P.

Our research is inspired by a leading online retailer using clickstream big data to estimate customer demand and then ship items to customers or hubs near customers by a mode of “delivery before order making” (DBOM) mode. Using clickstream data to obtain advance demand information in order quantities, we integrate the forecasting with a singleitem uncapacitated dynamic lot sizing problem in a rolling-horizon environment. Using the simulated clickstream data, we evaluate the performance of DBOM ... mode.

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