Implementing Voice Strategies in Extreme Negotiations : A conversation with Christophe Caupenne, successful former commando of the French RAID unit

in Organization Management Journal, 12 (1)

ISSN : 1541-6518

Haag, Christophe (1979-....) ; Fresnel, Elizabeth

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This article explores the role voice plays in extreme negotiation through the point of view of a practitioner. In this study, we invite Christophe Caupenne, a former Research, Assistance, Intervention, and Deterrence (RAID) chief—now a private consultant to top managers and professional negotiators—to write in detail about his expertise. It was the first time he had fully reflected upon how his voice and vocal strategies psychologically impacted critical negotiations. Our goal was to determine ... whether business negotiators could learn from their well-trained police counterparts, many of whom engaged in high-stakes negotiations. We augmented our expert’s essay with a 2-hour interview, and also conducted tests on the tone, timbre, and frequency of his voice.

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