Thèse, rapport

The Role of consumer experiential engagement in new media based social networks environnments : implications for marketing strategies

Pagani, Margherita (1971-....)

Pardo, Catherine (19..-....). Directeur de thèse

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 2015

The thesis aims to understand how companies can leverage on consumer experiential engagement in new-media based social media environments (using video on the web, handheld devices and web 2.0) in order to stimulate active behavior and redefine commercial marketing strategies. We structure our analysis on a three studies approach. The first study describes how Personal Engagement with the content and Social-Interactive Engagement (resulting from the perceived sense of community, intrinsic ... enjoyment and participation experience) differently influence both active and passive behavior. We test hypotheses with survey data from a sample of 814 US and EU social TV users. In study 2 we examine the influence of privacy intrusiveness on the relation between Experiential Engagement (Personal and Social-interactive Engagement) and active and passive use and we test it (n=379) with reference to mobile location-based social networking applications in EU and US. In study 3 we develop a conceptual model in which social-interactive engagement influences social identity directly and brand love indirectly through the mediating effect of social identity. The model was empirically validated (n=387) on the Facebook fan pages of 20 leading international brands in EU and the US. Findings emerging from the three studies show that Experiential Engagement has positive effects on the consumer behavior online (active and passive) and it may contrast the negative effect of privacy intrusiveness. The results obtained show also a positive effects of social-interactive engagement on consumer-brand affective relationships (brand love) and the full mediating effect of social identity. More specifically advertisers, leveraging on experiences that influence social-interactive engagement can influence the social identity and the relationship with the brand.

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