Dynamics in a distribution triad

in Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 30 (8)

ISSN : 0885-8624

Pardo, Catherine (19..-....) ; Michel, Sophie

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Purpose This work deals with business to business distribution with a strong focus on the relationships developed by a distributor with its customers and its producers. Design/methodology/approach This work is based on an in-depth analysis of a wholesaler specialized in fresh fruit and vegetable distribution. Data was gathered on the basis of 18 in-depth interviews. An additional important work of second-order data analysis was also conducted (sector analyses; statistics; companies’ ... websites...) Findings This work qualifies the different stages a wholesaler goes through in the relationships with its suppliers on the one side and its customers on the other. This work also identifies the nature of the impact of one type of relationship (wholesalers / producers) on the other (wholesalers / customers). Practical implications The findings allow distribution firms to view distribution channels as places where they can have some latitude to find new positions other than the ones imposed by producers. Originality/value This research uses different concepts connected with triadic settings (dynamics, triggers, interconnectedness) and integrates them to provide a new perspective on how a BtoB distributor can take a position in a distribution channel.

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