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Where is data visualization going? : a personal perspective

Levallois, Clément (1978-....) ; DataStorm Big Data Summer School. 2nd , Lisboa, July 13-15, 2015

Tecnico Lisboa 2015 - 14 P.

I take the opportunity of this talk to reflect on data visualization, which is such a young field. I'd like to explore how data visualization has evolved, why there was a need for it to emerge, where it stands today, and I will try to imagine where it will evolve in the coming years. Some warnings. I am more an observer than a participant in this field. My view is the one of somebody who came to data visualization around 2009 through network visualizations with Gephi, getting my information ... mostly from the discussions, links and podcasts shared by data visualizers which I follow and interact with on Twitter. These are personal views and I'd be happy to see them (productively) challenged.

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