Group-specific business process improvements via a Port Community System : The case of Rotterdam

in Production Planning and Control, 33 (4)

par Simoni, Michele ; Schiavone, Francesco ; Risitano, Marcello ; Leone, Daniele ; Chen, Junsong (1975-....)

2022 - 371-385 p. | En anglais

The Port Community System is a type of digital platform that offers several benefits and improvements to the operations and supply chain of an increasing number of ports worldwide. However, prior literature does not explain in detail how these various types of benefits and business process improvements spread within a port and are obtained by its main groups of stakeholders (agents, terminal operators, and so on). The article fills this literature gap by analysing the distribution of benefits and improvements among the main types of port actors in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) after the introduction of the ‘Portbase’ platform. The results show that PCS effectively improves port stakeholders’ business processes only if the platform is the core element of a port digital transformation strategy, and if it offers a large portfolio of smart IT solutions that (a) directly improve the system quality, information quality and service quality, and (b) are properly targeted for the business processes that are carried out by the different groups of port stakeholders.

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