Regional affiliations : Building a marketing strategy on regional ethnicity

in Marketing Management: A Cultural Perspective

Dion, Delphine (19..-....) - professeur en Marketing ; Sitz, Lionel (1981-....)

Visconti, Luca M.. Directeur de publication ; Peñaloza, Lisa. Directeur de publication ; Toulouse, Nil. Directeur de publication

Routledge 2020 - Ref. 10.4324/9780203710807-5 - 47-58 p.

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This chapter discusses the possible use of regional affiliation in a marketing strategy: Regional marketing. It underlines the interpretive flexibility of regional symbols and the various ways consumers can link up with these symbols. In the traditional marketing approach, the region is considered as a product’s attribute highlighting specific characteristics and/or qualities of the product such as traditional craftsmanship, a particular terroir, a famous recipe, customary local commodities, ... and so on. Dealing with international issues, the frame of analysis is generally the country as a nation state: Countries are easy to identify, with clear administrative boundaries and are believed to be quite homogeneous from a cultural and behavioral standpoint. Integrating regional affiliations in marketing make it possible to develop innovative and competitive marketing strategies that renew traditional marketing approaches. The danger is to target a niche market that doesn’t bring in a lot of turnover and to find oneself in a difficult position.

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